IMS has a wealth of experience in operating vessels and management services. We have more than 700 skilled, proud marines assistingus to safely operate over 30 maritime vessels. Additionally, we provide insurance on the vessels and assume all liabilities relating to our service.


Our shortside tankering division manages the loading/unloading liquid tank barges and in-plant services for refineries and third party facilities as well as offering customized training programs to meet the specific needs of each customer.


IMS Cruise Lines actively recruits and supplies professional mariners and service personnel to companies expanding into the American boutique river cruise industry. We pride ourselves on providing turnkey operations with the highest quality, skilled candidates while creating long lasting relationships with our clients.

“Become Part of our growing family of over 700 mariners and explore a world of opportunities at Inland Marine Service.”


Having long enjoyed a sterling reputation in the industry for the quality of our crews, IMS currently employs mariners in multiple locations. We take pride in our ability to discover, attract, prepare, and nurture top talent who are not afraid of hard work. We are devoted to our employees’ professional success and development.

Continuous Improvement Programs

Inland Marine Service, Inc. strives to perfect our safety and environmental programs through a continuous improvement process. Our continuous improvement process is designed to improve processes through frequent evaluations to determine their efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility.

Oil Companies International Marine Forum

IMS uses the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment tools of SIRE/TMSA to assess, measure and improve our safety management systems and are frequently audited by third parties to ensure compliance.

American Waterways Operators (AWO) – Responsible Carrier Program (RCP)

IMS utilizes the AWO RCP to continuously improve our safety and environmental performance. The program complements and builds upon existing government regulations, requiring company safety standards that exceed those required by federal law or regulation.

Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau (TVIB)

TVIB auditors and surveyors thoroughly audit and survey IMS vessels and management systems to ensure compliance with industry and regulatory compliance standards. IMS also received specialized training for our internal auditors from TVIB.

Towing Vessel Inspection Bureau (TVIB)

Our policies and procedures at IMS are designed to meet the ISO and ISM standards for safe management and operation of ships at sea.

Turnkey Solution

IMS’ turnkey solutions include a broad range of operational experiences from dry and liquid cargo vessel management and shore-side tankering to passenger vessel management and harbor services. Our expert professional team is prepared to put together the perfect mix for meeting your day-to-day operations needs. Our goal is simple: to develop a partnership that allows you to focus on your up-stream business, by deploying our extensive network of marine crew or hospitality staff members and an infrastructure of proven operational resources.


A high priority and significant objective of IMS is to provide each employee with a safe and healthful work environment. All coworkers must assume individual responsibility to perform their duties in the safest and most efficient manner possible. IMS management is responsible for establishing and enforcing reasonable policies to the best of its abilities. To see that every coworker carries out their duties in the safest and most efficient manner possible, and providing the necessary and appropriate equipment and supervision to accomplish the tasks

Environmental Stewardship

At Inland Marine Service, Inc. we make the marine environment a priority and try to minimize our impact on it by complying with ALL applicable environmental laws and regulations. We also prepare and conduct specialized training relating to emergency preparedness. Our goal is to not only do the above, we strive to reduce/minimize onboard waste and harmful emissions.


Eliminate the fear of USCG subchapter M

Inland Marine Service (IMS) is proud to offer a turn-key solution to small and mid-sized maritime companies. Hire IMS and your company is instantly compliant with personnel and shore-side management requirements of Sub-M. IMS saves yours company from having to hire safety and compliance personnel, which could cost $100,000 or more.

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Your one stop for premiere consessions and skilled mariners

IMS Cruise Lines actively recruits and supplies professional mariners and service personnel to companies expanding into the American boutique river cruise industry. With over 30 years of experience across a wide range of vessels on America’s inland waterways – we pride ourselves on providing turnkey operations.

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IMS faced up to new regulations and ready to run

As the first 2016 AWO approved marine management company, Inland Marine Services is proud to lead the industry in compliance excellence. Our mariner-friendly compliance programs are immediate, approved and certified in the changing regulatory worlds of the Responsible Carrier Program, TMSA2, and Sire.

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