Inland Marine Service Announces New Agreement to Operate All Tennessee Valley Towing Vessels
Thursday, September 19, 2019

Inland Marine Service (IMS) has entered a new vessel management agreement with Tennessee Valley Towing (TVT), as announced today by Dave Hammond, President of IMS. As a result of the deal, IMS will be responsible for operating TVT’s entire fleet of more than twenty towboats on the Inland Waterways.     “Crewing and operating towboats has become more and more difficult each year.  IMS’s existing business model of towboat operation enables it to hire crew from a broader area and manage those crews more effectively.  Turning these functions over to IMS will allow TVT to operate more efficiently and to thrive long-term and continue to grow.  We feel this strategic partnership with IMS will help in our growth initiatives in many ways,” said Jeff James, President of James Transportation.   “The 800+ proud, professional mariners of IMS feel honored that the JAMES family and TVT entrusted us with their line haul fleet. Our vessel crews and shoreside teams strive to add great value daily,” said Dave Hammond, President of IMS.     In addition to the 20+ towboats IMS is operating for TVT, IMS provides vessel management services for AMERICAN Commercial Barge Lines, INGRAM Barge Company, Apex Oil, Campbell Transportation, and CROUNSE Corporation. IMS operates on the Inland Waterway System and ICWW moving dry and liquid cargoes.    TVT is the latest company to benefit from Inland Marine Service’s turn-key solutions, which ensures that each client is instantly compliant with personnel and shore-side management requirements of Sub-M. IMS undergoes all audits in place of their clients and saves them from having to hire safety and compliance personnel. IMS compliance programs are immediate, approved and certified in the changing regulatory worlds of the Responsible Carrier Program, TMSA, and SIRE.



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