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“People come first at Inland.
Our employees are not just a number.”


Guided by co-founder Cathy Hammond for more than a quarter of a century, IMS senior leadership includes experienced professionals in finance, logistics, operations, accounting, safety, and insurance who represent the best in the industry.

Inland Marine Service has a simple organizational structure, without layers of management or committees. As a third generation family owned and operated company, we created relationships that are designed to last into the fourth generation of service. The IMS reputation for integrity and excellence has been earned because we invest the time and resources necessary for a long lasting, mutually beneficial partnership of safety and productivity. We manage our customer’s equipment with accountability and integrity. Finding better ways to serve our boat crews and our customers is an IMS tradition.
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Join the IMS Team
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Integrity Stewardship Safety
With a sterling reputation in the industry for transparent communication and the active recruitment of mariners of character, our customers and our employees know that they can trust us to tell the truth, to keep our promises and to be accountable for our actions. For their part, our professional mariners are expected to exercise sound judgment and adhere to a high standard of ethical and moral behavior.  Inland Marine Service was born on the River, and the power of the River continues to produce our primary source of energy, values and pride. Natural stewards of the environment and the safety of the boats we manage, we are dedicated to upholding our responsibilities to our customers and to our nation’s waterways.

 We are deeply committed to the safety of our employees and the boats we manage. Inland leadership invests a substantial amount of time and money in quality, consistent instruction to ensure that our crews are the best trained on the river. Inland mariners know that safe practices are a vital skill for success as a professional at the company.

 From the Hammond family leadership to the close quarters of the boat to the shore-side office to the relatives of the IMS mariner at home, there is a palpable kinship among IMS employees rooted in a long history of genuine concern and trust. Crew members, isolated together on boats and dependent on each other to complete tasks efficiently and safely, frequently grow to view their fellow mariners as a second family. Shore-side operators form personal bonds with the crews they manage and serve. Inspired by Cathy Hammond’s example, each of us earnestly strives to take good care of one another. We are determined to be an advantageous partner for mariners and customers alike. For individual mariners, we seek to improve lives through personal and industry-wide advocacy and support. Customers trust us to provide risk mitigation, agile response to change, seamless relief from the every day burdens of boat maintenance and a native’s comprehensive understanding of river culture with access to top talent.