Services - Vessel Management
“Maritime is our core competency!”


IMS has a wealth of experience in operating and managing vessels. We have more than 700 skilled, proud mariners assisting us to safely operate over 30 maritime vessels.

Additionally, we provide $200,000,000 of insurance on the vessels we operate and assume all liabilities relating to our service.

Along with supplying and managing professional crews, we ensure navigational safety, maintain health and safety standards, take on compliance issues, and provide continuous improvement measures.

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  Vessel Management
Our specialty has long been operating 2,800-7,200 horsepower vessels on the Mississippi River System. We move a variety of products and provide liquid cargo and dry bulk services.

Coordinated by a Technical Superintendent, IMS partners with maintenance systems who are accepted by Flag and Class, as well as TMSA. Our team will construct your planned maintenance with careful input from manufacturers and experts.

Our experienced and highly skilled workforce delivers safe and efficient liquid cargo transportation, which includes petrochemicals, black oils, asphalt, and lube oils.

We safely move bulk products for our customers every day, including coal, steel, grains, scrap, and aggregates.


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