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A Leader in Crewing Services for the Cruise and Inspected Vessel Industry, IMS Cruise Lines specializes in providing career opportunities for all Officers, Marine Crew, and Hospitality Staff within the cruise industry. We focus on sourcing motivated, dedicated and flexible candidates who love adventure, and are ready to explore new horizons as they embark on a career change and professional growth.

All candidates are carefully screened and once selected, are provided with an introduction and familiarization to the cruise industry that is second to none in all recruiting services. We have been providing support to the Maritime community since 1988, and that includes many of the most prestigious operators in the United States. We specialize in American Jones Act mariners in a family-owned Non-Union environment.

Our knowledge and experience has enabled us to extend our support to the needs of our clients as well as the wider Marine Industry, creating a full Crew Management facility in the following areas:
  • Recruitment and Crewing
  • Vessel Operations
  • Marine Engineering
  • Employment
  • Payroll
  • Administration and HR
  • Travel
  • Training
Our professional and friendly team is ready to make your life easier with our portfolio of unparalleled services.
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