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“IMS sets industry standards for safety
compliance and risk reduction.”


A commitment to safety is a cornerstone of IMS culture, driving behavior both at the executive level and with our crews. It’s all part of our Continuous Improvement™ on your vessels and in the harbor.

In addition to top-level leadership’s active participation in regulations and compliance, comprehensive knowledge and ownership of standard safety processes and practices is the rule among our mariners. IMS’ robust and often-imitated calendar of scheduled safety trainings ensures our proactive approach towards safety in every area we operate.

As a core value, stewardship is a major factor in our ability to attract top marine talent and to stay compliant. In high demand everywhere, career professional mariners work for us because they like the certainty of being placed on a well-maintained vessel with a safe working environment. This provides our customers with the comfort of knowing we will treat their equipment as if it was our own. At IMS we supervise and/or make all repairs on boats we manage. Our strong reliability and maintenance standards protect customers’ equipment.

All of those efforts ensure that IMS vessels are Sub-chapter M compliant-ready and our harbors meet MTSA security requirements. IMS has in-house certified auditors in ISM, AWO RCP, TMSA, USCG-approved programs, and ISO 9001. We also comply with U.S. Coast Guard CFRs.

Our expert regulatory and compliance team can develop a suite of required procedures, manuals and training modules to meet your specific criteria. Give us a call us today to discuss your compliance needs and what we can do to meet them.
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Immediate Compliance

At Inland Marine Service, Inc. we strive to perfect our safety and environmental programs through a Continuous Improvement™ process. This process is designed to boost system procedures by making frequent evaluations to determine efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility.

First and foremost, the advances we make in improving our safety and environmental programs benefit our co-workers and the environment. Secondly, our customers benefit from our high standards of safe, well-managed, and well-maintained vessels.

IMS provides turnkey compliance with a significant cost-savings as well as stability, fixed costs and the assurance that stringent compliance standards are being met.
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