Mavericks Towboat Solutions Makes Vessel Purchase from Ingram Barge Company
Monday, October 7, 2019

James Marine and Inland Marine Service team up to make harbor boat purchase

Mavericks Towboat Solutions (a joint venture between Inland Marine Service (IMS) and James Marine) have purchased seven harbor boats from Ingram Barge Company in the St. Louis harbor, as announced today by Jeff James, President of James Marine and Dave Hammond, President of IMS. This is Mavericks first purchase since forming just a few months ago in May earlier this year.   “At Mavericks, we specialize in USCG Sub M relief of pain points.  We have various options available to help small, medium and large companies,” said Dave Hammond, President of IMS   Mavericks offers vessel owners a complete solution to comply with all Sub Chapter M requirements by refurbishing/repairing the vessels to ensure they meet those standards, or replacing the vessel with a new construction program and assisting with the sale of the non-compliant vessels.   The purchased vessels will continue under contract between Ingram and IMS. The purchase is a notable expansion for IMS as a vessel management company that now owns vessels as well as operates. IMS is also responsible for managing 57 vessels.  

About Mavericks Towboat Solutions
Mavericks Towboat Solutions is a partnership between James Marine and Inland Marine Service. Together, the two companies have partnered to create Mavericks, offering vessel owners a complete solution to comply with all Sub Chapter M requirements by refurbishing/repairing the vessels to ensure they meet those standards, or replacing the vessel with a new construction program and assisting with the sale of the non-compliant vessels.

Ways that Mavericks Can Help Vessel Owners:
·       Identifying the Problem – Mavericks does the research to find what the shipyard costs will be to bring vessels into Sub M compliance.
·       Vessel Management – Mavericks takes on the responsibility of managing and operating those vessels.
·       Assuming Liabilities – Mavericks also takes on the burden of insurance liabilities of the crew and vessel fleet.
·       Plan For The Future – Building new vessels to replace those that are beyond refurbishing status is a viable option for vessel owners.  

About James Marine
James Marine is one of the largest shipyard providers in the U.S. with facilities strategically located from Paducah, KY to New Orleans, LA.  Every day, their teams survey, audit, document, inspect, repair and refurb existing vessels. In addition, they have state of the art new construction and painting facilities. The James Marine team specializes in determining the cost of Sub M compliance for each and every vessel.  James Marine, Inc is recognized as a leader in the river industry for providing top quality, full-service repairs. Their teams of professionals are committed to setting the standard in innovation, safety & development, using green technology whenever possible. Their goal is to exceed customer expectation in production and turn-around time, always with the highest regards to safety.  

About Inland Marine Service
Inland Marine Service is one of the largest vessel management providers in the U.S.  Their shore-side teams specialize in relieving “pain points.”  The company’s many services include vessel management, planned maintenance, compliance management, harbor services, training, safety, and marine insurance. With highly trained and motivated marine crews, they enjoy a reputation for getting the job done safely, on time and within budget. With 30 years of experience on the river, they are committed to providing customers with secure, reliable, timely and cost effective solutions. IMS also offers first dollar insurance coverage, wherein, IMS assumes all liabilities associated with daily operations of each vessel. As an AWO approved marine management company, IMS is also proud to lead the industry in compliance excellence. IMS’s mariner-friendly compliance programs are immediate, approved and certified in the changing regulatory worlds of the Responsible Carrier Program, TMSA2, and SIRE.  

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