5 Key Questions to Ask before Hiring A Vessel Management Provider
Thursday, May 7, 2020

5 Key Questions to Ask before Hiring A Vessel Management Provider 

There are a lot of options when it comes to hiring a vessel management company. Make sure that you’re asking the right questions so you can ensure the best for your business. We’ve narrowed it down to 5 key questions that a good choice should be able to answer with ease. 

1 – How much experience do they have?
In this industry, experience is everything. Make sure they have seasoned professionals in finance, logistics, operations, accounting, safety, and insurance so no matter what comes your way, they’ll have your back. A good vessel management company will supervise and/or make all repairs on boats they manage. They should have strong reliability and maintenance standards in place to protect customers’ equipment. They should always include insurance on the vessels they operate and assume all liabilities relating to their service. 

2 – What is their safety record?
Make sure that your vessel management team is deeply committed to the safety of its employees and the boats they manage. Leadership teams should invest a substantial amount of time and money in quality, consistent instruction to ensure that their crews are highly trained. Safe practices are a vital skill for success. Safety compliance issues are constantly changing –make sure that your vessel management team is able to adhere and adapt to current and future regulations. A good vessel management team should have in-house certified auditors in ISM, AWO RCP, TMSA, USCG-approved programs, and ISO 9001. They should also comply with U.S. Coast Guard CFRs. Their expert regulatory and compliance team should be able to develop a custom suite of required procedures, manuals and training modules to meet your specific criteria. 

3– Who do they hire?
A vessel management company relies on the safety and well-being of their crew – are taking care of them and are they attracting top marine talent? Career professional mariners work for vessel management companies that provide the certainty of being placed on a well-maintained vessel with safe working environment. When you have happy crew, you’ll have the comfort of knowing they will treat your equipment as if it was their own. A crew that has pride in the company they work for is priceless. 

4 – Is the environment a priority?
The marine environment should be a priority for your vessel management team. They should comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations with specialized training relating to emergency preparedness. They should strive to reduce/minimize onboard waste and harmful emissions. Do they go above and beyond these laws and regulations? Do they conduct internal environmental inspections? 

5 – Can you trust them?
This is an unspoken question, and perhaps the most important one you should ask yourself before signing a contract. When you hire a trusted vessel management team, you are creating a partnership and trusting that they will tell the truth, keep their promises and be accountable for their actions. Professional mariners are expected to exercise sound judgment and adhere to a high standard of ethical and moral behavior. You should be able to trust your vessel management team to provide risk mitigation, agile response to change, and seamless relief from the everyday burdens of boat maintenance.  



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